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Fire damage in the garage

Garage Fire Damage

Fire Restoration Services

The garage of a Norman home was damage after a small house fire. Our team at SERVPRO was called out to assess the damages before removing and caring for your belongings and restoring the affected structure. 

Small business water damage

We Do it All

After Water Damage

This small business in Norman had some water damage in the lobby and offices. Our team of experts at SERVPRO cleaned up the excess water and restored damaged items quickly so they could get back to work. 

Home fire damage

Home Fire Damage

Fire Emergency

This home in Norman was covered in soot and debris after a devastating fire. The walls were especially damaged, and our team was thorough in removing the soot. Our team at SERVPRO worked quickly to cleanup and restore this home so the family could be back where they belonged. 

AllState building suffers water damage

Business Suffers Water Damage

Remediation Services

This Allstate agency had some water damage in their building after a broken pipe. Our team at SERVPRO of Norman moved furniture and items away from the affected area before restoration. We also dried carpets with our air movers, placing the fans strategically for thorough air circulation throughout the building. 

Bathroom full of soot after fire damage

Soot Damage from Fire

Restoration and Cleanup

Our team at SERVPRO of Norman was called out to this local home after unexpected fire damage. This bathroom was covered in soot, and our team was able to clean and restore the affected area in no time. 

Burnt surfaces in kitchen after fire

Fire Restoration Needs

Call the Pro's

Fire damage to your Norman home can be devastating. SERVPRO of Norman is able to assess the situation and handle it accordingly. We have the training, tools and experience to make your home a home again. 

Green equipment on floor.

Like it never even happened.

Part of Our Process

If your Norman home has suffered water damage and is in need of water extraction from sitting water on carpets and upholstery then SERVPRO of Norman's team is available 24/7, 365 for your convenience. 

Air vacuum in room

Water restoration experts at your service.

SERVPRO of Norman has a team of highly trained technicians that can remediate and restore your home of any water damage. We have the training and the tools to handle any size property that's suffered water loss.

Bare walls in basement

SERVPRO of Norman can remediate any mold problem in your home.

If your Norman home has suffered from Mold growth and your unsure of how to handle it, you can call SERVPRO of Norman and one of our trained technicians will be there to help and start the remediation process. 

A hallway with a hole in the ceiling that has left sheetrock and insulation littering the floor

When water leaks from the ceiling pipes

Our team of water mitigation experts were able to find the leaky pipe and mitigate all the damage. The Corbett homeowner was able to get a plumber to fix the pipe while we were able to restore their home properly.

Hallway wall with sheetrock removed and clear plastic covering the exposed ceiling area

Water damage that became mold in Mckiddyville

A Mckiddyville homeowner noticed small black spots on a wall near the ceiling where the major water pipes run. They called us for a moisture inspection. We knew right away there was some sort of leak, but we had to open the wall to verify and confirm the extent of the water damage.

Water damage in basement

When water damage goes unattended the chances that mold will grow as a result are high.  It is important to get the damaged area dry as quickly as possible. We will do just that and we will make sure to do our best to prevent secondary damage, like mold.

We are where the water damage is

When you find water in your home, be sure to call the trained experts at SERVPRO of Norman for mitigation services. We will get there fast and get to work immediately to restore your water damaged home properly.

Commercial office with water damage

This commercial business in Lexington had water damage from a burst pipe. SERVPRO of Norman was able to arrive quickly and removed the water damaged carpet and sheetrock.  Once this was done we set up our equipment to get the affected area dry!

Water mitigation requires specific equipment

When this Lexington business experienced water damage they called the experts at SERVPRO of Norman to assist.  We were successful in placing the proper drying equipment to get the job done right. We specialize in making it "Like it never even happened."

Checking For Moisture

When you experience a water loss, we want to make sure and find all the moisture, even the moisture that you may not be able to see. That is why we use equipment like this.

Prepared For Your Disaster

We are equipped with everything we need to handle your disaster no matter how big or small. If you have a water loss in your home or business, give us a call. We are faster to any size disaster.

Ready To Roll

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to your disaster. We are always ready to roll. So call SERVPRO. We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Ready For Your Disaster

When disaster strikes, time is critical. Disasters need to be addressed quickly in order to prevent further damage to your home or business. That is why we are always prepared. Call SERVPRO. We are faster to any size disaster.

Dehumidifier In Place

When there is a water loss in your home or business we often use drying equipment such as this dehumidifier to help speed up the drying process so that further damage to the structure can be prevented.

Break Room Drying

The break room in this commercial building was impacted by a water loss. We brought in the drying equipment pictured here in order to expedite the drying process so that further damage could be prevented.

Setting Up Equipment

In this picture, you can see one of our technicians setting up drying equipment after this dressing room suffered damage from a water loss. If your home or business suffers a loss like this, call us!

Drying Commercial Structure

When this store suffered a water loss, our team was brought in to clean up and repair the damage. As you can see, we put containment barriers in place and brought in drying equipment to help speed up the drying process.

Using Drying Mat

Sometimes when you have a water loss, the water can go through the cracks in your hardwood flooring and get trapped underneath the flooring. Using drying mats like the one pictured here can help to remove that moisture.

Drying Equipment At Work

In this image, you can see some of the drying equipment we use to help make the drying process go more quickly in order to mitigate further damage after a water loss. If you have a water loss, call us!

Cleaning Bathroom effected by Mold

SERVPRO has the right people trained in the right areas for all of your emergency needs.  Mold can spread very quickly in your home.  It is inside and out. The key is to make sure the room is dry as possible to stop mold from spreading.

Bathroom Affected by Mold

This is the aftermath of a bathroom covered in mold after the wall had been ripped out by SERVPRO. The team worked to get the mold contained into the one room using the right equipment. 

Fire Ravaged Structure in Hall Park

The cleanup of this fire damaged structure in Hall Park was done carefully and cautiously. SERVPRO technicians wear protective gear for the demolition of burnt and destroyed building elements. Call the professionals to restore your fire, and smoke damaged property to its preloss condition.

Kitchen in Noble and Significant Mold Damage

Ignored water leaks can lead to major rebuilds in a Noble kitchen. From tearing out walls behind base cabinets to removing the linoleum flooring, a professional service like SERVPRO of Norman can remediate the mold damage "Like it never even happened."

Hall Park Chimney Causing Storm Damage

The driving rainstorm blew off the chimney cap, and water poured down the flue into the living room of this home in Hall Park. We repaired the cap on the roof and then proceeded to extract the water from the carpeting.

Fire Damage – Norman House

Fire damage at this Norman house started in the kitchen. The kitchen was damaged the most as it was severely charred. Windows had been knocked out by firefighters. SERVPRO was asked to board up the broken windows.

Mold Damage – Norman Bathroom

Mold damage at this Norman home’s bathroom became pervasive engulfing the entire area behind the tiled walls. The owners were shocked when they discovered the severity of the mold infestation. If mold damage hits your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Norman 24/7 at (405) 292-0808.

Mold Damage – Norman Bathroom

Mold damage was first noticed along the baseboard in this Norman Bathroom. When inspected with a thermal imaging device the presence of significant moisture and therefore a larger colony of mold spores was deemed likely. A containment area was established to prevent mold spores from traveling throughout the house during remediation. We then removed the tile from the wall so the mold damage could be cleaned up and treated. When completed we treated the area with an antimicrobial substance and reset the cleaned tile.

Mold Damage – Norman Home

Mold damage developed in this Norman, OK home during a two-week vacation absence by the residents. There was no mold visible when they departed. The photo shows what they discovered when they arrived back home. If water damage impacts your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Norman 24/7 at (405) 292-0808. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service.

Storm Damage – Norman Sun Room

Storm damage at this Norman home destroyed the sun room. SERVPRO was called to remediate the damage and rebuild the structure. After clearing the rubble and reinforcing the structure, we provided the finish work that led to the photo above.

Water Damage – Moore Office Building

Water damage at this Moore office building began when a supply line in a bathroom burst. Before the water could be stopped, eleven offices had been subjected to flooding damage. We moved office furniture out of the building to our warehouse for water damage repair services and to make room for water damage restoration to the building. With the furniture safely stored away, we began extracting water from the facility. Drying and dehumidification equipment were then set up. The efficiency of the SERVPRO procedures allowed for the restoration of all the walls and flooring. It is always our goal to restore rather than replace, and that goal was achieved on this project. If your commercial property is compromised by water damage, call SERVPRO of Norman 24/7 at (405) 292-0808.

Kim 10 Year award

SERVPRO Norman would like commend Kim for ten years of service.  Thank you, Kim, for your commitment to our organization.  You play an integral role in the company, and we look forward to your continuing good service!

Mustang Independence Day Fireworks Keep on Giving

This Mustang family enjoyed the local 4th of July Fireworks and festivities before heading home. Their pickup truck, unbeknown to them, was harboring some hot embers from the fireworks. After they had gone to bed after a long and fun-filled day, the bed of the truck misbehaved. The polypropylene tarp ignited along with the truck liner causing damage to the bed, the paint job, and the taillight. Our team from SERVPRO of Norman arrived and carefully, using our professional grade equipment, removed the combusted fire damaged materials from the truck and deodorized the area. Luckily the garage and house did not go up in flames for which the family was very grateful. For over 14 years, we have been SERVPRO-ing our part of America!

Michigan Storm Team

After a microburst storm flooded parts of Michigan, our team went to help out with the aftermath. SERVPRO of Norman is able to respond quickly to storm events anywhere in the continental US, and we have aided in disaster recovery efforts across the country on several occasions.

Minnesota Storm Team

Portions of Minnesota were flooded after days of heavy rain. Our team traveled to help with clean up.  We were on site within 24 hours of receiving a call for help. We have trucks loaded and ready respond to disasters anywhere in the country.  

New Location

All the team was present for the ribbon cutting on the new building. SERVPRO has been serving the greater Oklahoma City and Norman communities for over 14 years, providing fire damage restoration, smoke and soot cleaning and deodorization, water damage repair, and mold remediation.

Norman Convention & Visitors Bureau

A tornado skipped along a path through the city causing damage along the way. High velocity winds ripped the roof off of the Norman Convention & Visitors Bureau. Heavy rains followed and flooded the building. SERVPRO worked to remove water and provided dehumidification services.

Louie's Grill & Bar

A sewer main in the basement of the building clogged and began backing up in the lower level of the restaurant. SERVPRO performed cleanup and dry out services and had the restaurant back in service with minimal disruption within one day of the loss.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Numerous, consecutive days of freezing temperatures caused fire sprinkler lines to burst in the storage area of the store flooding the storage area and the southwest corner of the store. SERVPRO worked to remove standing water and had the store back in business by the next morning. Dehumidification and dry out services were also performed to save the structure of the building.

Equity Realty United Way Plaza

Four inches of rain fell in Norman overnight overwhelming the drainage around the building. Water intruded into the first floor affecting several offices. SERVPRO performed water mitigation services, which allowed all businesses in the building to continue to stay open. Drying services prevented any demolition to the structure.

The Financial Center

A tornado hop-scotched across town causing damage everywhere it touched down. The winds lifted the roof of the Financial Center and slammed it back down breaking all the water drains. Heavy rains followed and flooded the six-story building. SERVPRO provided extraction services to all levels of the building. Structural drying was performed to keep all tenants and businesses up and running.

The First Baptist Church of Moore

A water line to a water fountain on the second floor of the conference center of the church broke and leaked for six hours before maintenance workers arrived. SERVPRO was called to extract the water and dry the structure. Drying services began on Thursday and were finished before church service on Sunday. The affected areas were reopened with no disruption.

Feed the Children

The Feed The Children organization hired a roofing company to replace the tar roof of the entire building. The roofing company performed the replacement one section at a time. Several days of below freezing temperatures and precipitation caused an ice dam where the old roof and new roof joined. Major leaking occurred over many offices inside the building. SERVPRO was called in to perform extraction and dry out services.

The First Baptist Church of Norman

An electrical fire near sound equipment in the sanctuary spread smoke and soot throughout the building. SERVPRO cleaned and deodorized all areas of the sanctuary and adjoining hallways as well as cleaned all the padded upholstery seats on the pews. Carpets were cleaned and air scrubbers aided in removing air born particulates. The church was returned to pre-loss condition in a matter of days.

Super 8 Hotel

A late August thunderstorm ripped the roof off of the southwest corner of the building. Rainwater affected 12 units of the hotel. All rooms were completely saturated with water from ceiling to floor. SERVPRO performed demolition and dry out services in order to prevent any type of mold growth in the building. Services allowed re-construction of the rooms within a matter of days.

Paccar Parts

A three-inch sprinkler line burst in the ceiling of the office area of the large building. Water affected the entire front office portion of the building. SERVPRO performed extraction services and began dry out of the entire area. During this time, normal operations of the building were able to continue as a result of SERVPRO’s effort to minimize damage. Office personnel were able to continue to use the facility as a result until restoration was complete.

Gold's Gym Express

The newly opened workout facility suffered a sewage backup in the two locker rooms/restrooms. SERVPRO was on site within a matter of minutes of receiving the call for help. Cleanup services were provided. Disinfecting and odor control were a top priority. No damage occurred to any portion of the building as a result of fast response. The backup was isolated to the tile areas. Cleanup services provided business to resume as normal the same day.

Baptist Student Union - University of Oklahoma Campus

Heavy rains overwhelmed the drainage outside the building while a sump pump failure allowed the water to enter the basement. SERVPRO was called to extract water and perform dry out services, as well as disinfect from the groundwater. As a result, the structure of the basement was able to be saved minimizing damage cost to the building.

Midtown Plaza - Dowell Properties

A water line break on the top floor allowed water to drain down onto all floors of the building. SERVPRO was called out after business hours on the weekend to extract water from all floors. Water removal from the structure allowed the property company to concentrate their efforts to dry down the remaining wet areas of the building themselves. Business resumed as normal the next day.

University Greens Apartments

Four straight days of freezing temperatures caused multiple water lines breaks in one building of the complex. A sprinkler line break on the third floor allowed water to flow down to the bottom of the building. Other water lines froze and broke in other units causing students to be moved into temporary housing. SERVPRO performed dry out services and build back, helping to allow tenants to return in a matter of days.

Chickasaw Senior Nutrition Center

A water line froze and burst in the utility closet of the building during the weekend. Workers arrived on Monday morning to find the entire building flooded. SERVPRO was called to extract water and perform drying services. During the dry out process, strategic procedures were employed to allow building occupants to still utilize the building. The structure of the building was saved with minimal damage.

Chandler Tire Center

An electrical fire in the upstairs office of the building sparked a blaze engulfing the entire office area. Workers were able to extinguish the fire and contain it to the office, but not before it caused significant damage. SERVPRO was called in to clean up after the destruction. A temporary office was set up in another location within the building and business resumed as normal as the demolition, clean up & deodorization processes took place.

United States Post Office

The main post office took a direct hit from a violent storm that approached from the west. Straight line winds exposed the western edge of the building allowing rainwater to infiltrate the building. Post office officials contacted SERVPRO to extract the water and perform dry out services in order to keep the facility up and running. Normal operations were able to continue as a result.


Four main areas of the bank were affected by water from a broken sprinkler pipe. Single digit temperatures overnight caused the line to burst, flooding the back area of the bank. SERVPRO performed extraction services immediately and began the dry out process. Working behind the scenes, the efforts of SERVPRO allowed the bank to continue normal operations. The structure was saved without any damage.

Comfort Inn

Single digit temperatures overnight caused a main sprinkler line on the third floor to burst. Water cascaded down all three levels of the hotel into the breakfast area of the lobby. SERVPRO began work immediately extracting all standing water. This minimized damage on all three floors. Drying services and demolition began saving other areas of the floors. The breakfast area was open for guests each and every morning during the mitigation process.


Our team strives to help make every disaster seem, “Like it never even happened.” We have been a part of the community since 2002. Our water damage and fire damage technicians are certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. No one plans on a disaster, but we are prepared to handle anything large or small. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to provide quality workmanship through excellent service.

Mercy Hospital

A series of tornadoes pounded the Oklahoma City area and the Mercy Hospital took on a direct hit. The hospital was under construction and was three weeks from being released to the Mercy Hospital System. SERVPRO worked in conjunction with the General Contractor to remove water and dry the structure while providing stabilization services in the form of desiccant dehumidification and portable air conditioning.

A Merry Christmas

Our SERVPRO Christmas tree....We love to get into the spirit of Christmas! During this time of year we enjoy decorating the office to bring the spirit of the Holidays into our hearts and our building. 

football game

Boomer Sooner

Tailgating Saturdays

Our team members sporting the team they support! OU VS OSU tailgating is fun and a well deserve break form the hustle and bustle.  Our team always provides the very hardest of efforts for our customers.


SERVPRO Crew at a Game

OU vs OSU Tailgating

Our team loves to support OU and OSU. Go Pokes and Boomer Sooner!

SERVPRO crew pic


From Our Family to Yours

Happy Holidays from our family here at SERVPRO of Norman. We want to wish you the Merriest of Christmases now and always! Sending our warmest wishes will hopefully follow you through to the New Year!